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    ENET E-SYS is a programming tool for BMW vehicles.


     The tool allows you to connect to a BMW vehicle and access advanced programming and coding features.


    The connection is made via the OBD2 connector (located near the steering wheel).



    E-SYS will allow you to perform the following operations :

    • Audible confirmation of locking and unlocking (to avoid radio interference, add a sound to confirm the locking of the car when the confirmation of the turn signal light is not convenient. This is configured in CIC).
    • Can operate the navigation menu, including watching a DVD while driving (for driving safety, let the passenger operate the navigation menu).
    • Displays engine power and torque meter (purely for fun, watch engine power).
    • Cancels the start-up delay of the confirmation screen (large screen).
    • Open the voice recognition function.
    • Three types of Bluetooth phone ringtones (personality only).
    • Increase the CIC memory address to 50.
    • The window is automatically raised, the process is not interrupted by the car door (it is easy to get down to close the window while waiting).
    • Digital speed display (only for fun).
    • Air conditioning of the memory of the last stop state (without air conditioning season is more convenient).
    • Indoor cycling memories of the last time the state when the engine is off.
    • Activate the remote control to close the electric tailgate.
    • Increasing gear shift paddles.
    • The small screen to large screen display change.
    • The Pdc display vertical and horizontal.
    • Disable the display of the status of the seat belt - passenger seat.
    • Disable seat belt status display - driver seat
    • Disable seat belt reminder error.
    • Disable seat belt reminder - driving position
    • Disable seat belt reminder - passenger seat 21.
    • Voice prompts to unbuckle seat belt for people with disabilities - driving position.
    • Automatic high beam control for vehicles at intersections.
    • Angel Eyes open and cancel functions.
    • Deactivation of the engine start/stop function activated by default.
    • GPS time synchronization.
    • Open the trunk with the foot.
    • Selecting the s1-s7 display.
    • Active sport + gearbox program.
    • Single microphone settings.
    • Engine off unlocked automatically.
    • Internet applications.
    • Armrest USB video playback.
    • The maximum distance to disable the front camera view.
    • Maximum distance to disable rear camera view.
    • Maximum speed to disable the front camera view.
    • The maximum speed to disable the rear camera view.


    Contents of the E-SYS package :

    1x E-SYS programming tool

    1x Software download link



    / !\ It is important to note that we are not responsible for any misuse of the tools, software or files.

    We assume no responsibility for any damage caused to your ECU if incorrect files are used or if a mistake is made!

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