DIAGBOX v9.91 / v9.129 for Peugeot - Citroën - DS

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    DIAGBOX is a complete diagnostic tool for Citroën, Peugeot and DS.


    The diagnostic software is :

    • PP2000 for Peugeot from 1995 to 2006.
    • Lexia 3 for Citroën from 1995 to 2006.
    • Diagbox v7.83 for all vehicles of the PSA group until 2016, works only under Windows 7 in 32 bits (Integrates PP2000 and Lexia 3).
    • Diagbox v9.129 for all the vehicles of the PSA group until 2023, works under Windows 7, 8, 10/11 in 64 bits (Integrates PP2000 and Lexia 3).(pre-installed on VMWARE partition)

    >> Click here to access only the Diagbox software v9.129 


    Variants :

    • LITE is the simple diagnostic box of classic quality, suitable for simple use of the software for reading/clearing faults.
    • LITE + 12V clips, same as LITE, but with 12V wiring.
    • FULL CHIP is the top of the line manufacturing diagnostic box, it is more stable in diagnostic functions, parameter reading, ECU configuration and ECU programming.
    • FULL CHIP + 12V clips, same as FULL CHIP version, with 12V wiring in addition.


    Diagnostics are performed via the OBD2 connector (found near the steering wheel) or via the manufacturer specific connector (only for older cars, pre-2001).

    Unlike other universal diagnostic tools that only read fault codes or generic functions, this software performs almost ALL the functions of the dealer's original diagnostic tool.

    The only missing functions are the online operations requiring access to the PSA servers.

    Please note that the default version of the Diagbox CD is V7.83, it is the most stable and easy to use. If you order the V9.91-v9.129 version, it will be automatically sent by email after purchase.


    This version of DIAGBOX will allow you to perform the following operations :

    • Reading and deleting error codes
    • Reading of parameters (recording and graphic display)
    • Test of actuators
    • ECU configuration
    • Coding (injectors, electronic valves, rim size, equipment level, etc.)
    • Calibration and self-learning (drain interval calibration, EGR valve replacement, FAP, etc.)
    • Reset of maintenance indicators
    • Etc.


    You can communicate with the following ECUs:

    • Diesel/petrol injection
    • Automatic gearbox
    • Central Cabin Unit (UCH)
    • ABS/ESP
    • Airbag
    • Air conditioning
    • Instrument panel
    • Comfort systems
    • Power steering
    • Controlled suspension
    • Etc.

    Engine :

    • Engine ECU diagnosis
    • Diagnosis of the injection computer (diesel, gasoline, flex-fuel, gas, etc.)
    • Injector programming
    • EGR valve calibration


    Braking :

    • Diagnosis of ABS and ESP ECUs
    • Diagnosis and maintenance of the parking brake
    • Brake system bleeding

    Pollution :

    • Diagnosis and regeneration of the particle filter
    • Adblue module control
    • Electronic control of pollutant emissions
    • Lambda sensor check

    Maintenance :

    • Reset/initialization of the maintenance/change counter
    • Bleeding of the various fluids (brakes, cooling)
    • Read/clear engine faults
    • Maintenance of the particle filter

    Air conditioning :

    • Complete diagnosis of the electronic and mechanical system
    • Reading of the cooling system parameters
    • Test of the controls

    Ground handling :

    • Electronic tire size configuration
    • Electronic tire configuration (winter/summer)
    • Tire pressure adjustment
    • Electronic valve configuration
    • Steering angle sensor calibration (steering angle initialization)


    • Activation of safety airbags (locking/unlocking)
    • Configuration of a new airbag ECU
    • Diagnosis of airbag ECUs
    • Configuration of the rain sensor
    • Configuration of the automatic headlight activation
    • Activation of the xenon headlights
    • Activation of the reversing radar

    Equipment :

    • Double dice
    • Activation of the car radio
    • Configuration of CD charger
    • Alarm activation/configuration
    • Hitch configuration
    • Bicycle hitch configuration


      Language supported by Diagbox :

      English, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Hungarian, Greek, Czech.


      Contents of the DIAGBOX package :

      1x Diagbox interface (Lexia 3 - PP2000) [ALL VERSIONS] 2x Long and short USB cable [ALL VERSIONS

      2x USB cable long and short [ALL VERSIONS]

      1x 12V clip cable [in option]

      Diagbox v9.129 for all vehicles of the PSA group until 2023, works under Windows 7, 8, 10/11 in 64 bits.(Includes PP2000 and Lexia 3).(pre installed on VMWARE partition)


      Installation tutorial Diagbox v9.129 

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